Donations - Gifts to VSG Feb 2019

Family donates handicap vehicle


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Charles Wright & Family Donate Wheelchair Accessible Van to VSG:

The 2005 Kia Sedona was donated by Charles Wright & Family, in honor of his wife Tabiatha Wright, who passed on February 11th, 2019.  Mr. Wright was very adamant in his efforts to "pay it forward", since the van was originally donated to his family.  Mr. Wright and his family decided to donate the van to VSG after attempting to give directly to another family in need. Mr. Wright was directed to VSG by one of VSG's neighbors business owners, Michele & Roger White of Holy Smokes BBQ.

Beautiful Kia Handicap Van


Veterans Support Group, Inc
Published by Chris Smith
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From left to right, Chris Smith (Volunteer Coordinator), Bob Van Dunk (VSG CEO), Mr. Charles Wright (Donor), Debra Langford (Tabiatha's mother), Phyllis Brumfield (VSG Clothes Closet Coordinator), and Candace Baker (Public Relations).

Has also an electric chair


Mr. Wright and Bob Van Dunk

looking in the rear of this beautiful

Kia Van- Set up for a handicap


The electric chair was another

precious gift. Words simply

cannot express our thank again 

as the are such aa  giving family.

Van is beautiful like new !!


Thank you again for this precious gift.

We know this will be used in the very near


Thank you again

The Frank Wright Family

Feb 2019

Kia Van like new -Thank You.


Kia Van beautiful inside and out

as they look at it.

Thank you is not enough

for this precious gift to some

blessed veteran soon.

Precious family signing over Van


Charles Wright and Family

what a blessing this gift is to

VSG and we are looking forward

to who receives this awesome gift.