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We are Veterans Helping Veterans

Our vision is to provide FREE assistance to veterans, their surviving spouses and dependent children.

PH: 770-284-3306

Our Mission

Veterans Support Group is dedicated to empowering our ​veterans by providing FREE support services and assist ​them in becoming valued, productive, and respected ​citizens who contribute to their community.

Our Vision

To provide transitional assistance to veterans (including ​the homeless) through the following services:

  • Assistance with service-connected claims
  • Host weekly support group meetings
  • Provide a personal hygiene facility
  • Assistance with housing
  • Serve hot breakfast
  • Make a washer and dryer available
  • Provide clothing for veterans in need
  • Provide a food pantry service
  • Training and interview preparation

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The Veterans House & Service Center (VHSC) is ​dedicated to having a “Hands On Approach” assisting our ​clients so that all areas of needs are met by providing ​Veterans, and their surviving spouses with access to care, ​reduction of re-submissions and re-encounters, bring ​increased awareness to veterans about illnesses related to ​their military exposures, and referrals to VA healthcare ​or VA community care in order to reduce preventable ​instances of heart disease, hypertension and stroke.


PH: 770-284-3306

Why we’re Here

There are over 17K veterans who reside in Henry County and 20-30K in Clayton and surrounding ​counties. VSG believes with increased support from our community partners, we will be able to ​provide assistance to a majority of these veterans and their surviving dependents.


PH: 770-284-3306

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17 May 2024

Deputy Tolliver stopped by to drop off assorted food items for our Food Pantry. ​Thanks Deputy Tolliver and thanks again Sheriff Scandrett for your continued support ​in helping us to keep our Food Pantry stocked so we can continue in our mission of ​providing free assistance to our veterans and their families!

16 May 2024

VSG Claims Advocate Cassandra Taylor assists an elderly veteran in her vehicle. One of ​the many ways our VSG Claim Advocates go above and beyond in assisting fellow ​veterans with any help they may need.

Jim Dunn

Chief Executive Officer

US Marines Corp

Our Senior Staff

Christopher Smith

Chief Operating Officer

US Army (Retired)



PH: 770-284-3306

Curley Henry

Curley Henry

Director of Staff ​Operations and QC

US Army (Retired)

Our Volunteer Staff

Sandy Duke-Cole

Finance Manager

Alysha Landers

Executive Secretary

Jeramie Perkins

Claims Advocate

Darieus Owens

Social Media ​Manager

Sandra James

Clothes Closet ​Team

Ray Nickson

Facilities Manager

Cassandra Taylor

Claims Advocate

Darryl Dean

Assistant Facilities Manager

Billy Lee

Claims Advocate

Dr. Edgar Dillard

Training and ​Education ​Coordinator

Gloria Lee-Hawkins

Claims Advocate

Tonya Lewis

Director of Food ​Services

Phyllis Brumfield

Clothes Closet


Michael Ogelsby

Public Relations ​Representative

What we Offer our Veterans

Service Connected Claims Assistance

We help veterans with the completion of VA Forms for ​compensation and benefits by researching and collecting of ​evidence to include in the VA compensation packet. ​Additionally, we request medical records, assist spouses ​with filling for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation ​(DIC), referrals to Partner Organizations, request copies of ​DD214 or DD215, and assistance with creation of electronic ​VA accounts (eBenefits, myhealthevet).

Washer and Dryer Available

Personal Hygiene Facility

We provide homeless ​veterans a safe place to ​come and shower as ​needed. Bathroom and ​showers are handicap ​accessible. Toiletries and ​personal hygiene items that ​have been donated by ​several organizations will ​to help veterans to get ​back on their feet.

Female veteran discusses experiences with other veterans

Homeless veterans and veterans without access to laundry facilities can use our washer & dryer when available.


PH: 770-284-3306

What we Offer our Veterans

Hot Breakfast

Military Camaraderie

Veterans (especially ​homeless vets) can stop in ​and have a hot breakfast ​with us every Monday and ​Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. ​until 10:00 a.m.

Clothes Closet

The Clothes Closet ​provides clothing for ​veterans. The clothing is a ​mixture of gently used and ​brand new clothing ​(Donated by Ralph Lauren ​– Tanger Mall) and gently ​used clothing that has been ​donated to us from the ​local community. We have ​new and gently used ​women and men clothing.

Military camaraderie is a unique ​bond that transcends time, duty, ​and service. It’s a connection that’s ​often hard to describe yet so ​palpable for those who’ve ​experienced it. Whether on the ​front lines or during times of peace, ​the sense of belonging and mutual ​respect within the military ​community is unparalleled.

Judgement Free Zone

VSG offers a space free of judgment, ​where we can share stories of loss, ​trauma, and recovery. It’s a healing ​process where one realizes they aren’t ​alone. Their brothers and sisters in ​arms are with them every step of the ​way.

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Meeting with board of directors

Our Supporters

Mayor Vincent


Mayor Ford



Feedback from our clients

May 2024

To whom it may concern, I honestly do not know where I would be in this cumbersome process of filing a claim without ​the help of the dedicated staff at the Henry County Veterans Support Group (HCVSG). I would especially like to thank ​Claim Advocate Cassandra Taylor. I am so happy I left impressed with the attitudes and effectiveness of all the staff at ​HCVSG. I’d also like to give a big shout out to CEO Jim Dunn who has a wealth of knowledge and is also a constant help to ​me and to all the other veterans who rely upon him for help.

Thank you again for all you do for us Veterans,

Andrea Rotunno

Soldiers in Uniform Saluting Outdoors. Military Service

Veterans support group, Inc.

In-kind ​contributions ​welcomed

In-kind ​contributions ​welcomed

| Clothing | Shoes | Toiletries | Computers | Office Supplies | Canned Goods

Community support for veterans is about acknowledging their sacrifices ​and supporting their journey back to civilian life. By promoting ​awareness, advocacy, and direct support, VSG can ensure that veterans ​are not just appreciated for their past contributions, but also empowered ​for their future endeavors.



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Calling All Volunteers!

Calling All Volunteers!

We need YOU! Veteran Support Group (VSG) is an ALL-volunteer non-profit organization with a passion, ​vision, and mission to serve veterans, surviving spouses and dependent children.

Join us! When volunteering with VSG we strive to meet you where you are, offering a variety of ​opportunities such as:

Staff volunteers: Apply & Interview for a specific role within our organizational teams, (Advocacy, Volunteer ​mgmt., social media mgmt., Public Relations, IT support, Clothes closet, Food pantry, Operations, Food ​services).

Youth volunteers: High School JROTC programs, Scouts, and other youth programs can volunteer with ​parental consent and adult supervision from their programs in support of special events and as needed ​projects.

On call volunteers: Support special events and as needed projects.

Veterans Court Community Service: Recommendation from Henry County courts, Apply & Interview with ​our Leadership team.

Team Volunteers: Support specific staff leaders in social media mgmt., Public Relations, Volunteer mgmt., ​IT support, Multimedia tech, Clothes Closet, Food pantry, cleaning crew, and Food preparation.

Calling All Volunteers!

Calling All Volunteers!

Perhaps you don’t have time to support the Veteran Support Group mission by volunteering. We are a 501c3 Nonprofit, please consider making a regular or one-time tax-deductible financial contribution or donating an item of value instead.

To Volunteer Contact Us Today!

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Thank you! We are very happy to continue to serve Veterans and grow as an organization. Join one of our Teams by contacting us soon.