About Our Leadership

Veterans Support Group, Inc (VSG) was founded with the purpose of supporting Veterans from all branches of service with free assistance with Service-Related claims, providing guidance in obtaining medical attention and housing and through weekly support group meetings. While founded to support the local community, VSG envisions expanding to assist Veterans around the country and providing much needed guidance and assistance in navigating benefits and support.

Bob Van Dunk CEO

Bob Van Dunk Bob served 8 years in the US Marines before joining the US Army. He served two and a half tours in Vietnam with with MAT3-75 and retirement after 20 years of military service. Bob worked as a civil servant weapons manager for an additional 21 years.

After retiring as a civil servant, Bob volunteered at the Stockbridge Veterans Administration (VA) Outpatient Clinic as a Service Representative, while filing his claim with the VA for service related injuries, Bob came face to face with the stark realities many veterans face when seeking help and assistance.

This realization led him to found the Veterans Support Group in 2011; which provides assistance to all Veterans, widows and their familes.

Jim Dunn COO

Jim served the Marine Corps from 1969 to 1973. He served overseas with the 7th Communication Bn. and 3rd Marines Amphibious Force. After his military service, Jim worked in the automotive industry in finance and sales.

Retiring after nearly 30 years’ service, he decided to work for Henry County as a school bus driver for 4 years. Jim volunteered at the Stockbridge VA Outpatient Clinic assisting veterans at the check in desk.

While providing assistance at the VA, Jim met Bob Van Dunk and realized the many challenges Veterans have with the VA system receiving their earned benefits. His desire to do more led him and Bob to create “The Veterans Support Group” where he continues to serve the Veterans in the state of Georgia.